2018 Summary


Had stopped updating this blog for several months. In the past 2018, I have experienced a lot of things. I would say that I have learned more about life from them, from those bad experiences and from those cheerful experiences.


I planed to read 20 books this year, but I failed to. This year, I only read through 7 of books I have had a look. I don’t remember exactly how many books I have looked. Maybe more than 30.

I find that it’s an awful plan to have an precise targeting number since each book’s contents are quite different and their amount varies. So, in the next year, I will make my plan basing on reading hours rather than book amount.

And to those technical books, I don’t think they should be taken into account. The reading hours would be quite hard to quantify.


I had got my master’s project down and passed it. Only thing remains is that I have to get the approve of the Ministry of Education of PRC. I am still a little worried about it though I have got the degree in Aber. I find that I am quite negtive and too sensitive in relationships. It’s quite difficult to change it. I used to believe that I could go over them once I have got some challenges down, but the reality is that it doesn’t change. I still feel quite unsure and doubt my abilities. My ideas could be quite positive but my own spirit would be on the contrary. Besides, it’s quite hard to get myself concentrate on study and work and I have been trying to over come it. Someday I will find the suitable way to make it.

However, I still failed to complete my plan. It’s shameful that I know what the problem is but still can not cope with it. Hope in the next year I can change this.


I have changed my diet and started to do some exercise to keep fit. I feel so good now. It’s one of those things I am quite satisfied with this year. I am very cheerful to continue doing so, but with a little changes.


The first job I got was not so good, though I didn’t expect it to be a good one. It was easy to get things down but that’s not I want. I would like something more challengable and something that could push me forward, and, of course, with high pay.


I spent quite a lot in 2018, a lot of which was borrowed from my parents. That’s pretty bad. Sometimes, I just have no idea how I spend my money. It scares me a little because of my unconscious.


In the past one year, I have had made some things and had failed to made some other things. I could have done things better but I didn’t. But anyway I have got my degree and can see a little more clearly about my future now.

I will make a more suitable plan for 2019 and make everything better in the next year. Good luck to myself!

And Happy New Year guys!

Hello, Vietnam

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